0-19: Book Review

Fathers’ Involvement in Their Children’s

Rebecca Goldman,

Published by National Family and Parenting

£21.00, ISBN: 1903615380

Star Rating: 5/5 for those who work in

Star Rating 2/5 for those who do not

This report draws extensively on the most current educational
research and is supported by many relevant references.

To the education practitioner, these supporting references are
likely to be of interest. The casual reader, however, may be less
stimulated, writes Sean Rumsey.

The book offers a direct but progressive structure, with an
initial “How” and “Why” approach, leading onto more “Why not”
questions and an exploration of the limits and barriers to fathers’
educational involvement.

Possibly the most user-friendly and useful element is its
well-presented examples of ways to engage fathers practically,
reporting on and analysing many varied case studies from across
England and Wales.

One limitation is that the book seems to attempt to address too
diverse an audience, which may limit its interest and dissuade some
who would otherwise find it a useful and even provocative read.

But its greatest use will be as a manual and research directory
for educationalists from primary and secondary settings in
addressing a very neglected area of interest.

Sean Rumsey is a home-school support

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