Job File: Training and Development Officer

Who’s doing it? Liz Dixon.

Where? London probation diversity team.

Job description: To develop and run race equality
training for staff. Design and monitor materials to help assess and
manage racially motivated offending. Carry out direct work with
offenders in Feltham young offender institution.

Skills/qualifications needed: Qualification in
probation studies.

Pay: £23,000 for a four-day week.

What’s the job like? I train and advise staff
working with offenders motivated by racial hate and prejudice. I
encourage staff to develop their knowledge of race issues so they
can understand the subtleties of racial discrimination. I also help
staff work with complex antisocial behaviour.

It is good to learn about colleagues’ experiences in different
parts of London, where there is great diversity and much innovative

My practitioner experience as a probation officer has equipped me
well. My previous academic career as a lecturer in criminal justice
is invaluable for developing my training and teaching skills.

The job is interesting, challenging and rewarding. I need to keep
up to date with research, inquiries and inspections. I am following
the Zahid Mubarek inquiry as there are many lessons criminal
justice agencies need to heed.

I do get anxious about working in such an emotive and charged area.
However, there is tremendous satisfaction in making progress and
working with other agencies that face the same challenges.

My work at Feltham sharpens my practice and informs my training,
keeping me fresh and in touch with the issues.

I enjoy working with my colleagues. But I do not find it easy to be
based at HQ in central London where there is no interaction with

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