Tuesday 28 June 2005

By Maria Ahmed and Amy Taylor

Midwife leads
A midwife has been elected president of Unison,
Britain’s largest trade union. Christine Wilde, who works on
the Isle of Wight, was a vice-president and is a longstanding
member of the union.
Source:- The Times Tuesday 28 June 2005 page 2
Catholic Church admits claims up by 50 per cent
Allegations of child abuse in the Roman Catholic Church
increased by 50 per cent in England and Wales last year.
The increase in allegations of abuse from 62 in 2003 to 100 last
year was disclosed in the third annual report from the Catholic
Office for the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults.
Source:- The Times Tuesday 28 June 2005 page 20
Pacemaker to lift depression
A pacemaker for the brain can lift the cloud of clinical depression
from patients for whom other therapies fail, research at the
University of Bristol has indicated.
Source:- The Times Tuesday 28 June 2005 page 20
£1million boost for Lib Dem think-tank
A city millionaire is seeking to give the Liberal Democrats new
intellectual firepower by underwriting a £1million think-tank
linked to the party.
The Centre for Reform expects to spend money over three years, with
early plans for policy studies on reinforcing local democracy,
reviving inner cities, protecting liberty and addressing poor
educational achievement.
Source:- The Times Tuesday 28 June 2005 page 22
Home Grown – why cannabis is the new DIY

Most of the cannabis consumed in Britain is now cultivated
Source:- The Independent Tuesday 28 June 2005 page
Parents call for video restrictions
The National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations (NCPTA)
has called for restrictions on the video reporting of school sports
days because pictures of children could be exploited by
Source:- The Independent Tuesday 28 June 2005 page
Blair refuses to halt Zimbabwe deportations
Tony Blair and his senior ministers yesterday refused to suspend
deportations of failed asylum seekers to Zimbabwe despite their
claims that they risk persecution at the hands of Robert
Mugabe’s increasingly unstable regime.
Source:- The Guardian Tuesday 28 June 2005 page 2
Baby girl found under bush
A newborn baby was found on Sunday night abandoned under a bush in
Leicester, police said. She was taken to hospital and police are
appealing for her mother to come forward.
Source:- The Guardian Tuesday 28 June 2005 page 6
Why did Danielle have to die?
Her murder had all the familiar ingredients: a neglectful
mother, her abusive partner, drink and drugs. But five-year-old
Danielle Reid also had a loving grandmother who told social
services she was at risk. So why didn’t they do more to save
Source:- G2 Tuesday 28 June 2005 page 6-7
Boy, 10, arrested for ‘giving drugs to
A 10-year-old boy has been arrested on suspicion of
supplying Class A drugs to pupils at his school. Medway Council
said they were working closely with the police and school.
Source:- The Daily Telegraph Tuesday 28 June 2005 page
Fearful prison staff forecast riot at

There is the “very real prospect of a riot” at Feltham
Young Offender Institution, according to a confidential report by
Nigel Herring, the branch chair of the Prison Officers
Source:- The Daily Telegraph Tuesday 28 June 2005 page
Welsh Newspapers
Job seekers to be given free scooters

Young people who have difficulties hunting for a job or a training
course as a result of living in rural areas are to be given
scooters to help tackle the problem.
The scooters are being provided in rural parts of Flintshire due to
the areas being poorly served by public transport and young people
being unable to afford cars.
Source:- Western Mail Tuesday 28 June
Policeman accused of fondling young girl
A policeman has been accused of molesting a teenage girl
12 years ago.
David Stott appeared at Carmarthen Crown Court yesterday charged
with two counts of indecent assault.
The woman claims the attack took place when she went to
Stott’s house in Pontypridd to baby sit his son. She was 13
at the time of the alleged incident.
Stott denies the charges.
Source:- Western Mail Thursday 28 June

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