Stoke Heath damned by chief inspector

Children at Stoke Heath young offender institution are being
denied physical contact with their loved-ones for up to six months,
a damning report claims today, writes Mithran

The report by the chief inspector of prisons says young prisoners
says it was “unacceptable” that young prisoners could
be subjected to up to three months of closed visits followed up by
a period of no-contact visits.

The damning report finds a quarter of young adults claim they have
been victimised by staff at the YOI, and criticises its
implementation of anti- bullying, suicide, self-harm and child
protection procedures.

The report also that finds children were routinely held in special
and unfurnished cells for over six hours at a time, while young
adults were held for over 12 hours.

It says the cells were “unfit” for holding difficult and vulnerable
young people.

The report also finds more than half of young adults aged 18-21
were locked in their cells at any time and dismisses education
provision as “unsatisfactory”.

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