If you ask me…

Who has had the biggest influence on you?
My husband Phil, since his head injury.

Which health or social care professional has been most use
to you?

Our GP. She is always there for me as a carer as well as for Phil
as a patient.

Name one thing that would make your life better?

Improved day care facilities for people with brain injuries.

What three words best describe you?

Caring, determined, motivated.

What event most changed your life?
Phil’s head injury.

If you won the lottery how would you spend it?
I’d make sure our life was more secure and that our two
children wouldn’t have to take care of us in the future.

What is your greatest achievement?

Getting about 85 per cent of my husband back.

Who or what is your dream date?
Seeing a show in London, having a meal and staying in a
nice hotel.

Your most embarrassing moment?
Asking the chief executive of brain injury association Headway if
he was a love child – I thought he was someone else!

When did you last cry?
Last Christmas when my husband was very ill again.

Who do you most admire?
Phil, for his strength.

How would you like to be remembered?
As a caring person who tried her best to change things for the

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