Why i love my job – Belinda Wood

I never intended to work in community care, but after a training
placement with a community care fieldwork team I can’t imagine
working anywhere else now. I qualified two years ago.

I carry out holistic assessments to highlight and identify clients’
social, health and environmental needs. The challenges begin as we
try to find ways to meet these needs, to enhance our clients’
quality of life, perhaps by reducing social isolation, risk and
often family stress.

My team is great. We are all very supportive on a professional and
a personal level. Professionally, if one of us hits a crisis, we
always try to assist each other by making time to talk through the
problems. We each have particular skills, knowledge and experience,
so we can tackle issues from different angles and

The most frustrating parts of my job are paperwork and being
reminded almost daily that older adults are the most discriminated
against and marginalised group in society. We often have to fight
their corner, so they receive a service tailored to meet their
needs. If in some small way I can promote social justice for older
adults, then I feel I am doing my job well.

The best bit about my job is the clients. I enjoy the relationship
building, getting to know each other in order to form a trusting
working relationship.

After an initial visit, when things can seem very bleak to a
client, it’s satisfying to implement a care package that leaves
them aware they can retain their dignity and independence.

I particularly enjoy hearing them reminisce. Often I leave having
learned something.

If I was advising someone starting the same job, I’d say although
you may sometimes feel you are taking one step forward and two
steps back, always celebrate the smallest of successes. Even tiny
victories for social workers can change a client’s life.

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