Tuesday 26 July 2005

By Maria Ahmed and Simeon Brody

Jenkins retrial date is fixed

Former deputy head teacher Sion Jenkins will face his third trial
for the murder of his foster daughter Billie Jo on October

Jenkins, 47, has denied murdering the 13-year-old and a jury failed
to reach a verdict at his retrial this month.

Source:- The Independent Tuesday 26 July 2005 page

Teenager gang-raped by six boys at Alton Towers

A teenage girl claimed she was gang-raped by six schoolboys during
a trip to Alton Towers. The 15-year-old told police she was forced
to a secluded part of the theme park where she was repeatedly raped
and sexually assaulted.

Source:- Daily Mail Tuesday 26 July 2005 page 5

Hospital blunders let professor’s wife leap to her
death from roof

Hospital bosses have apologised for a catalogue of blunders which
led to a professor’s wife vanishing from a ward and jumping
to her death.

Fiona Baker, 57, threw herself off the roof of Addenbrooke’s
Hospital in Cambridge after she was admitted suffering from
delusions and hallucinations as a result of alcohol withdrawal.
Mistakes included losing a fax from her GP warning she was suicidal
and forgetting to give her a dose of her medication because of
staff shortages.

Source:- Daily Mail Tuesday 26 July 2005 page 25

Teacher’s lover, 14, found by husband in the

A married teacher seduced a boy less than half her age and was only
caught when her husband found the youngster hiding in their

Hannah Grice, 32, from Hednesford near Cannock, pleaded guilty at
Stafford Crown Court to two charges of indecent assault after
embarking on a year-long relationship with the 14-year-old.

Source:- Daily Mail Tuesday 26 July 2005 page 31

Armed dealer, 15

A 15-year-old boy admitted possession of a firearm and supplying
Class A drugs. The teenager – who cannot be named – was
sentenced to an 18-month detention and training order by Swindon
Crown Court after £2,000 worth of heroin and crack and a
revolver were found at his home in Swindon, Wiltshire.

Source:- The Times Tuesday 26 July 2005 page 11

Family deported

A family that became embroiled in an election dispute involving Ed
Matts, the Tory candidate, and a doctored photograph are to be
deported, a friend said.

Verah Kapecha and her children Natasha, Alex, Anthony and Upile are
to be returned to Malawi after losing a battle to remain.

Source:- The Times Tuesday 26 July 2005 page 11

Men ‘winning’ caring profession sex war

Men working in traditionally female-dominated caring professions
such as nursing and teaching are winning a new gender war with
their female colleagues, according a research by Brunel

Source:- The Guardian Tuesday 26 July 2005 page 2

Boy, 12, faces death charge

A 12-year-old boy was charged last night with the manslaughter
after Michael Hillen, 14, drowned in Rochdale, Greater

Source:- The Guardian Tuesday 26 July 2005 page 8

Special class for poor children who fall behind

Deprived children who under-achieve in primary schools are to be
“separated off” for special tuition after figures
showed the achievement gap between rich and poor pupils has widened
under New Labour.

Ruth Kelly, the education secretary, will today admit that billions
of pounds of Labour investment in improving school facilities has
failed to narrow the “class gap.”

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Tuesday 26 July 2005 page

Welsh news

Binge Drinking Link to Mental Health Claim

Many of today’s binge drinkers and drug users in Swansea will
become tomorrow’s mental health patients, a health watchdog has

But Lily Bidmead, development officer for Cefn Coed Hospital’s
patient council, has said there will not be enough community-based
mental health services to ease the pressure.

“We don’t have enough beds because we don’t have enough
community services like home intervention teams, which can stop
someone needed to be admitted, ” she said.

She added that the mental welfare system in Wales was “totally
under resourced”.

Source:- IC Wales Tuesday 25 July 2005


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