A Safe Place for Caleb

A Safe Place for Caleb
Kathleen A Chara and Paul J Chara Jr
Published by Jessica Kingsley
£13.99; ISBN: 1843107996


I looked forward to reading this book on attachment as it links with the work I do as a therapist.

The book is aimed at professionals, care-givers, parents, children, teenagers and adults which, while admirable, made for difficult reading. It was also a limitation to the usefulness of the book

The overview and tables I found to be full of ‘labels’ which may or may not be helpful to the reader. 

From there it enters the story of Caleb. Although supposedly written in a childlike way, I found it to be full of authoritative and dictatorial language. The result of this is that, while the story could be useful with some children, for those with authority issues it would be less helpful. How teenagers and adults might react could also be problematic.

The activities sections were much more user-friendly and well-presented. There are many examples throughout the book, making it a good manual for any practitioner. The activities could be adapted to suit any age group, particularly the use of imagery and other cognitive techniques.

The resource section would also be of use for both professionals and others.

Ann Rew is therapist in private practice in Huddersfield

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