Thursday 28 July 2005

By Maria Ahmed, Simeon Brody, Derren Hayes and Sally

Don’t call this evil bullying ‘happy

Teachers yesterday condemned the use of the term ‘happy
slapping’ to describe attacks videoed on mobile phones,
saying it trivialises a terrifying form of bullying.

The Professional Association of Teachers’ annual conference
in Buxton, Derbyshire, backed a motion to deplore the use of the

Source:- The Daily Mail Thursday 28 July 2005 page

65 convicted in French child abuse trial

Key figures in the largest child abuse trial ever head in France
were sentenced to up to 28 years in jail yesterday after a jury
convicted them of raping, molesting and prostituting children
including their own.

The 65 defendants had sexually abused 45 children aged from six
months and 14 years, between January 1999 and February 2002 on a
rundown housing estate in the Loire town of Angers, 165 miles from

Source:- The Guardian Thursday 28 July 2005 page 2

Sorry, but we’ll still deport you, Home Office tells

The Home Office last night apologised to a family of asylum seekers
for failing to deport them when they turned up at the airport, but
insisted they would still be forcibly returned to Malawi.

Supporters of Verah Kachepa and her four children, including their
local MP, described the bungled deportation as a
“fiasco” that should give them further compassionate
grounds to stay in the UK.

Source:- The Guardian Thursday 28 July 2005 page 2

More drug addicts seeking help

The number of drug addicts going into specialist treatment services
has soared by 27 per cent from 125,000 to more than 160,050 in the
past year, according to figures published by the National Treatment
Agency yesterday.

Source:- The Guardian Thursday 28 July 2005 page 12

Abortions soar as careers come first

The abortion rate rose last year by 2.1 per cent to 17.8 per 1,000
women aged 15 to 44, according to government figures.

The overall abortion rate among girls under-16s fell but the figure
rose for girls under 14.

Source:- The Times Thursday 28 July 2005 page 11

Private jail almost out of control

An inspection of Rye Hill jail near Rugby found prison officers
were being bullied by prisoners and inmates were left to sort out
fights and bullying.

Prisoners claimed some inmates paid staff to smuggle in illegal
contraband and there was a high availability of drugs, alcohol and

Source:- The Times Thursday 28 July 2005 page 28

Teacher’s tormentor found guilty

The teenager whose confrontation with a special needs teacher led
to her being jailed for firing an air pistol has been convicted of
assault and criminal damage.

Trafford Youth Court also imposed an Asbo after the 17-year-old was
found guilty of a series of verbal and physical assaults on a young
couple over 10 months.

Source:- The Times Thursday 28 July 2005 page 32

Asbos urged all flytippers

Flytippers should all be served with Asbos, according to an
Environment Agency report.

The first Asbo for an environmental crime was imposed last year on
the owner of a skip and plant hire business who burnt

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Thursday 28 July 2005 page

Scottish news

Kerr welcomes health board guarantee to clear £10.7m

Scottish health minister Andy Kerr has been assured by NHS
Grampian that a recovery will be in place within a month to clear a
projected £20 million overspend.

The trust owes the government £10.7 million, but the board
told Kerr that figure would be cleared by April 2007 without
impacting on patient care. It expects to raise £30 million by
2008 via the sale of surplus land and assets.

Source:- The Herald Thursday 28 July

Welsh news

No action against mum of dead baby

A 15-year-old mother whose baby boy was found dead in a garden
will not face further police action, it was announced today.

The baby was discovered in January this year in the back of the
garden in a house in Cardiff. Police traced his mother in seven

Pathologists revealed the baby was still-born and police have
decided not to take any action against the girl.

Source:- Thursday 28

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