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Wiltshire Council

Video and leaflet available from the end of August from Department
of Adult and Community Services, (01225) 713 505; e-mail:


We watched this video together and we thought that it was very good
at showing people’s real lives and about how people with learning
difficulties could get good help from social services if they need
it, write Adele Medhurst and Dan Hardy.

We both believe that this social services department is very good
at helping people and that more departments should try to be like

We know lots of people who are supposed to get help from social
services but either they don’t get any help at all or only get what
the social worker says they can have rather than what they

The government white paper Valuing People is supposed to help
people live the lives they want to and do the stuff they want to
but often the social worker says that there is no money.

So why do they tell you that you can do things and then when you
say what you would like to do, they say there is no money for it?
That isn’t fair.

We thought it was really good to let people know what their rights
were, like having a house and a job. We think that people should
know that they have a right to have a house and a job because
sometimes nobody tells you these things.

The way the stories were told was very interesting, with real
people talking about their lives and showing what you can do if you
have proper support when you want it.

We want everyone to know that it is brilliant and the people who
were in it seemed really happy and had done really well.

Adele Medhurst and Dan Hardy are project workers with
learning difficulties charity, Voice UK

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