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More than a million people packed into 10 venues across the world for Live 8 last month. A further 2 billion are estimated to have tuned in to watch the extravaganza on television. Bob Geldoff said Live 8 was the starting point for “The Long Walk To Justice” that calls on the leaders of the world’s richest countries to act to end poverty. But, on the day, was it really about helping the poor of Africa – or about celebrities boosting their careers?

Kauther, 14
I think Live 8 was a publicity stunt but it also helped to raise awareness about poverty in Africa. Live 8 is a good idea because loads of people wanted to go and see it – so it made the issue popular. People go there and they are in support of making poverty history.

Live 8 has certainly made me more aware about poverty and I hope it will help people   in Africa – but I doubt it. When Live Aid happened last time it kind of made people aware but afterwards things just went back to normal again. But maybe this time it will really help put a stop to everything bad in Africa.

Charlotte, 13
I don’t think any of the people who participated in Live 8 are really interested. All the celebrities did it for publicity so they can say they did something for a good cause. They’re not really interested in taking time out of their own schedules to make a difference. Maybe they could actually go out and give away some of the money they waste on materialistic junk instead.

James, 18
I think Live 8 was used in different ways for different people. For the organisers it was a way of raising awareness and rallying public support to influence the leaders at the G8 Summit. I think that a few of the American acts hadn’t grasped how popular the original Live Aid had been. But others realised that Live 8 was a way of boosting their profile, especially as the event was broadcast across the world. Ultimately, though, it was all done for a good cause, so I think Live 8 was a worthwhile event.

Ginisha, 15
I don’t think Live 8 was a publicity stunt. It was genuine. It is a good way of raising awareness, because you are alerting people about the poverty in Africa and entertaining the community at the same time. If there wasn’t any entertainment the people would not get involved. Live 8 will help people in Africa. By raising awareness people might then donate money as they know it is going to a good cause.

Chinwe, 13
I think the celebrities at Live 8 probably did it for publicity, because they could just have given money – they didn’t have to go there and sing. I think Live 8 was a waste of time. It is not necessary – there was no point in it. Maybe they think they’re helping the people in Africa but, if you ask them, I’m sure they’ll say they don’t want help from all the other people in the world.

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