Expert’s warning on assessment system

Scotland’s new children’s integrated assessment system will need
significant resources and robust IT to work effectively, a senior
social work expert has warned.

It is claimed that the integrated assessment planning and recording
framework would be “overly bureaucratic and time-consuming” if the
IT systems used by the different agencies that came into contact
with children were not compatible.

Michelle Miller, vice-chair of the Association of Directors of
Social Work’s children and families committee, said systems had
evolved in a “piecemeal way in different areas and different
disciplines”. She added: “It is going to need significant amounts
of resource, will and collective energy to work.”

The Scottish executive last week published guidance for the
framework, which will establish common ways for professionals who
come into contact with a child to assess their needs, record
information and share it with each other.

The aim is to simplify the assessment process for children and
their families and improve data-sharing between agencies.

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