Going for regeneration gold

Despite the uncertainty over the plans in some quarters, an
independent poll showed that 79 per cent of people in London
support the games. Here, London 2012 responds to concerns. 

Q: Will the Olympic regeneration plans lead to the
gentrification of east London and squeeze out poorer, local
A: A key driver of plans for the Olympic Park in east
London has always been the opportunities it will provide for local
people. In the long term the Olympic Park in Stratford will have
about 9,000 new homes, 50 per cent of which will be affordable for
local people. We are also committed to skills training. Local
business will benefit from the influx of people and investment.
Volunteering for the games will provide useful work experience. 

Q: How many people are being evicted from their homes and
A: No one is being evicted from their home as a result of the
games. About 450 people will need to be rehoused and we are in
close discussion with those affected. This is a relatively small
number of people given the size of the Olympic Park area, as much
of the land is derelict or  industrial use. The relatively small
number of residents being disrupted was one reason why this area
was chosen, along with the wholescale regeneration benefits. We
have  given the undertaking that residents will receive
like-for-like accommodation. 

Q: Will the sporting and leisure facilities left over be
affordable and accessible to all? 
A: We are absolutely committed to ensuring that the key
sporting venues and leisure facilities left behind after the games
are accessible to all. For example, the aquatics centre will have
two 50 metre pools and will be able to incorporate elite use and
community use at the same time. No current leisure facilities will
be lost in the long term. Any local facilities temporarily taken
out of use to accommodate the games will be replaced.  

Q: How are local people going to be helped to apply for the
new jobs?

A: Some of the plans being discussed include a jobs brokerage
service and Olympics business club which businesses can join to
find out how they can bid for contracts. The London Development
Agency is committed to ensuring that the benefits of the games are
felt locally in east London and indeed throughout London.

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