Service outsourcing ‘puts lives at risk’

Service outsourcing ‘puts lives at risk’ The lives of older people
are being put at risk by systemic breaches of human rights in the
social care system, a report claims.

The outsourcing of social care services to private care providers
who are not covered by the existing human rights legislation has
left older people unprotected by law, charity Help the Aged

The rationing of social care services for older people has resulted
in them being denied care even when they are assessed as being in
need, Rights at Risk – Older People and Human Rights

But with no apparent monitoring system in place, it is impossible
to know how many people die because of a lack of early
intervention, the report adds.

The charity said the Commission for Equality and Human Rights, due
to be established in 2007, would be important in investigating
abuses of the rights of older people.

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