Thursday 4 August 2005

By Simeon Brody, Maria Ahmed and Clare Jerrom

Mother detained

The mother of Toni-Ann Byfield, a seven-year-old girl murdered in
London in 2003, has been taken to an immigration detention centre
after attempts to deport her to Jamaica.

Roselyn Richards, whose visa had expired, was removed with her
children from a flight bound for Jamaica after claiming

Source:- The Times Thursday 4 August 2005 page 4

‘If you dislike Britain, get out’

Tory party leaders distanced themselves from Gerald Howarth, the
Shadow Defence Minister, yesterday after he said that Muslims who
resent the British way of life should leave.

He said Muslims who see the Iraq war as a conflict against Islam
should be considered treacherous, just as Soviet sympathisers were
during the Cold War.

Source:- The Times Thursday 4 August 2005 page 7

Britain’s uncharitable sector

One in five Britons never gives to charity, a survey

Research for the Samaritans revealed that two in five do not make
regular donations.

David King, chief executive of the charity, said research showed
that people responded well to disasters but the public did not
realise that many charities relied on year-round support.

Source:- The Times Thursday 4 August 2005 page 12

Man died in boiling bath

A pensioner died in a bath of virtually boiling water at a home
where he was receiving respite care, Birmingham Coroner’s
Court was told.

George Inwood, 68, was found lying in a bath containing water as
hot as 98C, in a staff bathroom at The Lodge, Stechford, Birmingham
on April 1 last year. The inquest continues.

Source:- The Times Thursday 4 August 2005 page 20

Migrant workers ‘illegally charged job fees’

Migrant workers are suffering at the hands of unscrupulous
employers and recruitment agencies or face regulatory barriers
which prevent them from making use of their skills, a report by the
East of England Development Agency says today.

Source:- The Times Thursday 4 August 2005 page 2


Police forces across Britain have recorded a dramatic rise in
racist assaults and abuse in the aftermath of the July 7 terrorist

Experts said as many as one in six of those abused or attacked were
not Muslim but simply of an Asian appearance.

Source:- The Independent Thursday 4 August 2005 page 1

Racist axe killing: Two men are arrested after they return to

Two men have been arrested in connection with the murder of teenage
student Anthony Walker in Merseyside last week.

They flew back to Britain from Amsterdam accompanied by a

Source:- The Independent Thursday 4 August 2005 page 8

Million families face council tax rise of up to £1,200, warn

More than a million people will have to pay between £500 and
£1,200 extra a year in council tax after property in England
is officially re-valued in 20076, the Conservatives said.

Source:- The Independent Thursday 4 August 2005 page 14

Scottish news

Scottish race hate crimes soar after bombs

Racial hate crimes against Scotland’s ethnic minorities have
risen significantly since the London terror bombings.

One police force showed a 70 per cent rise, it emerged

Source:- The Scotsman  Thursday 4 August

Huge rise in women treated for drink binges

The number of women under 24-years-old who have had to be admitted
to hospital and diagnosed with a “harmful use” of
alcohol has risen by 122 per cent in the last eight years,
according to figures published by the Scottish executive.    

Source:- The Scotsman  Thursday 4 August

Jodi’s killer appeals for freedom after six months

The teenager convicted of murdering his former girlfriend Jodi
Jones has launched a bid to overturn his conviction.

Luke Mitchell’s bid for freedom comes six months after he was
jailed for the murder of the 14-year-old schoolgirl.

Source:- The Scotsman  Thursday 4 August

Child abuser gets ten years for ‘appalling’ sex

A serial child molester has been jailed for 10 years after a judge
condemned his catalogue of abuse as “the most horrible and
appalling kind”.

Alexander Stewart sexually abused six girls and boys during a
24-year period.

Source:- Evening News  Wednesday 3 August

Welsh news  

Plaid hoodie poster outrages Labour

Labour Party officials were outraged by posters encouraging young
Plaid Cymru supporters to wear hoodies as a protest against

Plaid says Labour has ignored young people by failing to tackle
social problems, a lack of jobs and house prices and say their
policies demonise young people for their dress sense.

Source:- Western Mail Thursday 4 August 2005

£4m payout to girl injured at birth

A 16-year-old girl was awarded £4 million in damages at the
High Court for injuries of “maximum severity” suffered
during her delivery at Nevill Hall hospital in Abergavenny.

Amie Morey, who now lives on the Isle of Wight and suffers from
cerebral palsy, was delivered by Caesarian section “for no
good clinical reason” at just 31 weeks, resulting in brain

Source:- Western Mail Thursday 4 August 2005

Anxious time for support workers

Support staff in some Welsh schools are being exposed to
“Dickensian” working practices, a union has claimed.

The GMB union said some staff have been treated as underpaid and
disposable commodities, and their job security and future career
development was under threat.

Source:- Western Mail Thursday 4 August 2005


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