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A SAFE PLACE FOR CALEB – An Interactive Book for Kids,
Teens and Adults with issues of Attachment, Grief and Loss, or
Early Trauma
A Chara and P J Chara Jr, Jessica Kingsley
ISBN 1 84310 799 6, £13.99


“No part of this book should be considered a substitute for
professional advice”. The authors make this categorical statement
in their introduction and readers should heed it,
writes Geoff Corbishley.

It is divided into two parts; the first is a storybook to work
through with the hurt child. It provides cues to help the child
discuss their hurt and find more constructive ways to manage this.
It creates the idea of an imaginary, safe tree-house, where the
hurt child can go, when they want to feel safe and provides the
angel’s “truthful spirit” and “brave heart” to support the child.
Though even within this story, a therapist is on hand to guide the

The second part of the book outlines some of the theories and
techniques used when working with such children. While the advice
and explanations are reasonable, they tend to be brief overviews,
with suggestions on where to obtain further information.

The book claims to be of use to “parents, professionals and lay
people”, but its target audience should initially be therapists,
who will be able to help families resolve far more from the issues
it draws out.

It is a shame that the book could not have been better presented,
with the story separate and in a larger and more colourful format,
as it is well illustrated. The second part also claims to have
photocopiable resources, which would have been better as a
loose-leaf pack.

Geoff Corbishley is a professional foster carer

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