Directors join section nine row

The Association of Directors of Social Services has rounded on the
government policy under which the children of failed asylum seekers
can be taken into care.

In a statement sent to the Home Office, the ADSS said the policy
conflicted with child care legislation and that it was likely to
result in judicial reviews of individual cases.

Councils in the North West have already voiced their

The policy, in section nine of the Asylum and Immigration
(Treatment of Claimants, etc) Act 2004, removes benefits from
failed asylum seekers who refuse to leave the country

A Refugee Council spokesperson said at least 13 of the 116 families
affected had been made destitute. 

A family who faced having their benefits withdrawn under section
nine and who won their appeal earlier this month have had their
benefits withdrawn again by the Home Office.

The Khanali family, from Bury, Greater Manchester, are again
appealing against the decision.

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