Tuesday 23 August 2005

Drugs company defends Seroxat

GlaxoSmithKline has attacked a study claiming its anit-depressant
Seroxat increases the risk of suicide among adults.

It said the research by Oslo University would cause unnecessary
concern for patients on the drug and focused on “incorrectly
selected” data.

Source:- Financial Times Tuesday 21 August 2005 page

Drug dad broke his tot’s leg

 A man has been jailed for three years for breaking his
four-month-old daughter’s leg after her crying woke him

Timothy Pugh, from Cardiff, was convicted of causing grievous
bodily harm, three years after being jailed for a similar offence
against a baby. 

Source:- The Daily Mirror Tuesday 21 August page 10

Time runs out to object as pubs rush to open

At least 130,000 pubs, clubs and restaurants are planning to
extend their opening hours to midnight during the week and up to
2am at weekends.

Up to 66 per cent of all licensed premises and 90 per cent of
bars are in the process of taking advantage of the
government’s new, more lenient licensing regime, which comes
into force in November.

Source:- The Times Tuesday 23 August 2005 page 1

Police look for answers to death of
‘bullied’ boy

Classmates of Rory Blackhall, the eleven-year-old boy whose body
was found on Sunday three days after he disappeared from his home,
claimed he had been bullied at school.

A police source said there were no obvious signs of injury to
his body or sexual assault, but Lothian and Borders Police refused
to comment on the cause of death. 

Source:- The Times Tuesday 23 August 2005 page 9

Race claim appeal

Bradford British National Party councillor Arthur Redfearn has
won a second hearing of his race discrimination claim against the
West Yorkshire Transport Service.

He was sacked from his job as a driver with the private company
Serco because it considered him a “health and safety
risk” as many of his passengers were Asian.

Source:- The Times Tuesday 23 August 2005 page 12

Drug user barred from his own home

A drug user has been evicted from his flat and banned from
within 150 metres of it, after neighbours complained of antisocial
behaviour and bags of needles in a communal stairwell.

A metal door now blocks Mickal Watt from entering the flat he

Source:- The Times Tuesday 23 August 2005 page 19

Pressure grows to curb court

Ministers were under growing pressure last night to scrap the
regime of secrecy in family courts which it is claimed has allowed
children to be wrongly taken into care

Campaigners stepped up their efforts on behalf of parents who
they say have had their children taken away because they were
‘not clever enough’.

Source:- The Daily Mail Tuesday 23 August 2005 page

Scottish News

Call for greater support for vulnerable

A report out tomorrow will criticise Scottish maternity services
for failing vulnerable mothers.

The study was carried out by the Scottish Women’s
Convention, which is funded by the Scottish executive.

Source:- The Herald Tuesday 23 August 2005

Welsh news

Girl’s text led her into sex trap

A paedophile has been jailed for three-and-a-half years for
abducting and sexually grooming a 12-year-old girl who he contacted
after she accidentally sent him a text message.

She had meant to send the message to a friend it went to
Christopher Puxley, 34, from Pontyclun.

They began texting each other, with him using sexually graphic
language, and they ended up meeting when they drove around in his

Source:- Western Mail Tuesday 23 August 2005

Pensioners forced back to work

Over a thousand pensioners in Wales are being forced back into
low-paid work after retiring because they cannot survive on their
state pension.

A written parliamentary answer has revealed that the around 1,
500 pensioner households contain someone who has retired but has
re-entered employment and is on the working tax credit. Pensioners
get the credit if they have an income, including all earnings and
pensions, of below £11,500.

Source:- Western Mail Tuesday 23 August 2005

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