Asylum-seeking family loses benefits appeal

Another family have lost their appeal against the
government’s policy that can lead to the children of failed
asylum seekers being taken into care, writes Amy Taylor.

The Khanali family, who live in Bury, Greater Manchester, will have
their benefits, including money to pay rent on their council house,
stopped on Friday (26 August).

The family contains two children, aged six and six months. They are
Iranian Christians who fear persecution from the security forces in

The policy, contained in section 9 of the Asylum and Immigration
(Treatment of Claimants, etc) Act 2004, removes benefits from
failed asylum seekers who refuse to return to their country of

The Khanalis won their first appeal but the Home Office succeeded
in its second attempt to make them destitute.

Bury council’s executive member for health and well-being,
Tim Chamberlain, said it was “reviewing all options, in
particular the desire to keep the family together”. 

The council is also seeking clarification from the Home Office
about the legal position.

The family has not yet received an eviction notice from the

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