Councils criticise guidance on carers

Two-fifths of councils have rated draft government policy guidance
to accompany legislation on carers and disabled children as
inadequate, it was revealed this week.

The rating comes in results from a Department of Health
consultation on combined draft guidance on the Carers and Disabled
Children Act 2000 and the Carers (Equal Opportunities) Act 2004.
Half of the voluntary organisations that responded also had
reservations about the guidance.

Criticisms included the proposals on developing strategies for
communication with carers being too vague and the lack of attention
given to carers of people with learning difficulties.

Further criticisms were that the guidance concentrated on the
Carers and Disabled Children Act and failed to explore the issues
raised in the Carers Act in enough detail.

The Carers Act ensures that work and life-long learning are
considered when a carer is assessed and allows councils to seek
help from housing, health and education to meet carers’

Some respondents also called for the document to include more
information on direct payments.

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