Department fails to woo council chiefs

Claims that the Department of Health is low on social care
expertise have been given credence by two DH publications last

A poll of 300 stakeholders finds 62 per cent of local government
senior managers believe the DH does not understand councils’ needs
and interests, but only half as many NHS managers feel

Nearly half of council heads say the DH is “too remote and
impersonal”, while 42 per cent say it does not help them achieve
their objectives, compared with 13 per cent of NHS

Earlier this month, Skills for Care chief Andrea Rowe claimed the
DH’s social care knowledge had been “decimated”.

More positively for the DH, 62 per cent of council heads feel it
“involves its stakeholders in the development of policy”, compared
with 47 per cent of NHS managers.

The DH’s need to improve its standing with the sector has been
further reinforced by the job specification for the programme
manager’s role for the adult social care improvement strategy, also
released last week. It is seeking former or current directors or
assistant social services directors who have “strong personal
credibility” in the sector.

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