Number of sentenced Scottish young offenders falls

The number of young offenders in Scottish prisons has fallen by
2 per cent, according to statistics published today by the Scottish
executive, writes Clare Jerrom.

The average population of sentenced young offenders was 560 in
2004-5 – a reduction of two per cent from the figure of 573
in 2003-4.

However, the figures show that the average female prison
population rose by six per cent from 314 in 2003-4 to 332 in

The average remand population fell by two per cent over the same
time period but the number of adults given a short term sentence
rose by four per cent.

The overall average daily population in Scottish prisons was
6,779 in 2004-5 – the highest annual level ever recorded and
a rise of two per cent from the 6,621 figure in 2003-4

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