Children’s Trusts Arrangements: Developing Local Ways Forward

Book Review, Childrens Trust cover
Clive Miller, Published by OPM
£18.00, ISBN: 1898531889


As the deadline for the implementation of children’s trust arrangements approaches, this book is well timed in its examination of the models that are in place or being developed to facilitate the change necessary to deliver the Every Child Matters’ agenda, writes Kirsty Akroyd.

The book is aimed at professionals involved in the planning of children’s services. It clearly explains that children’s trust arrangements are not an additional organisation but a framework for joint working. It also provides an up-to-date source of information for those wishing to read a summary of the vast amount of documents that have been published on the reform agenda.

It makes the connection between the local children and young people plans and how these will act as a framework to integrate joint commissioning, facilitate pooled budgeting, reform the workforce and, most importantly, state how the five outcomes of Every Child Matters can be achieved locally.

The books offers descriptions of how the functionality of children’s trust arrangements can vary greatly, providing useful practical examples.

The pace at which the children’s trust agenda is evolving  may mean this book is quickly outdated, but it is well worth a read.

Kirsty Akroyd is project manager of Calderdale Children’s Trust in Halifax

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