My Life

Until very recently I attended Turton High School Media Arts College, a specialist school in the arts and media. My hobby is computer-generated art and animations.

One day, my teacher Mrs Sweetlove asked if I would like to show some of my computer-generated art work to Jo Clements, the visual and media arts director for the schools arts festival Step Up. I was very excited and could not believe that my work might be good enough to show.

We went to Manchester and met with Jo who said my work was very good and that she would give me some space. 

Things went quiet and I tried not to think about it too much, although my mum and dad never stopped saying how excited they were for me. Then the Step Up website issued a picture of mine and announced that I would be holding a solo exhibition at the Great Northern Warehouse in central Manchester, and everything went mad. I felt a bit overwhelmed but it was good to hear that other people liked my work.

When Jo came to my school for a final meeting, Mrs Sweetlove showed her my animations. Jo said they were great and asked if I would mind showing them too, possibly even on the BBC Big Screens in Manchester and Liverpool. I could not believe it.

The big day arrived and we went to the opening of the exhibition. People were so nice and gave lots of advice to take with me for the future.

oung and old, everyone had positive comments about the exhibition and said the animations were brilliant.

Since then, I have been asked to join in the International Doodlebug Day at the Cornerhouse, Manchester, and have been advised to enter my animations into several competitions. I can’t explain how happy this has all been for me – the chance to show what I can do. I am so grateful to everyone involved.

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