Scots relax rules on funds management

Scottish executive proposals to simplify the rules governing
management of funds for people with mental incapacity have been
welcomed by charity Enable.

The executive hopes 20,000 people could benefit from the changes to
what is known as “intromission” of funds, rather than the 200 that
do so now.

Under the current system, individuals can apply to the public
guardian to manage the funds of a person lacking mental capacity so
that they can pay daily living expenses, care home charges and
utility bills.

Applications have had to be accompanied by medical confirmation and
countersigned by someone of authority, such as a councillor, who
has known the person for two years.

But under the new proposals, intromission applicants would be able
to ask anyone to act as a counter signatory as long as they have
known them for at least six months.

Mike Holmes, Enable campaigns director, praised the move, saying
the current rules deterred some people from applying.

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