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In its own words, this website  aims to “bring you a one-stop
source of information about UK learning disability issues,  by
providing you with links to  the best sources of current
information in a straightforward and practical way”,
writes Rebecca Seden. The site does
provide a number of signposts, mainly to pages on the Department of
Health website and there are also a few useful resources listed, of
general guidance and government documents. But I felt it would be
much better if it had included some original content.

It is a shame that the essential information on the site is at
times confused with the website designer advertising his own
services, which are not relevant at all to the content of this

The interactive parts of the site have potential. There is a well
used forum, where a wide range of issues are discussed from
parenting assessments to employment for people with learning

There is also a mailing list you can sign up to but, despite
several attempts, I cannot seem to register onto it. 

The site has gone some way to be accessible, but could have gone
much further. I think its laudable aim to be the “number one UK
learning disability website” is some way off.

Rebecca Seden is policy and campaigns officer for learning
difficulties charities Respond, Voice UK and Ann Craft

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