Friday 2 September 2005

By Maria Ahmed, Derren Hayes and Amy Taylor

Baby death charge

A mother whose four-month-old baby died in a fire on Sunday has
been charged with murder.

Danielle Wails, 21, told police that two men had burst into her
home and tied her up and started the fire that killed Alexander

She will appear before magistrates in Newcastle upon Tyne

Source:- The Times Friday 2 September 2005 page 2

Drugs rejection

The government dismissed many recommendations made by the House of
Commons Health Select Committee in its investigation of the drug

It did not accept that controls on drug promotion are ineffective
and said that the vetting of promotional material should not delay
the introduction of medicines.

Source:-The Times Friday 2 September 2005 page 2

Britain ‘breaking vow on Mugabe refugees’

The Home Office was accused yesterday of trying to deport
Zimbabwean asylum-seekers.

Human rights groups said that immigration staff tried to deport
three women this week. Refugee groups protested that Charles
Clarke, the home secretary, agreed to suspend removals until a
court decided if it is safe to send failed asylum-seekers back to

Source:-The Times Friday 2 September 2005 page 4

I am going far away, train leap mother told husband

A woman who threw herself and her two young children in front of a
high-speed train telephoned her husband moments before to say that
she was going “far away”.

Navjeet Kaur Sidhu, 26, also calmly told staff at Southall station,
west London, that she was taking daughter Simran, 5, and son Aman,
23 months, to see the fast trains.

Relatives said it remained a mystery why Sidhu, from Punjab in
India, had killed herself and her children.

Source:- The Times Friday 2 September 2005 page 17

Boy left in lodger’s care is murdered

A boy aged 6 was stabbed to death in his bedroom after his father
left a lodger to baby-sit overnight.

James Brennan was slashed repeatedly over his back and body. His
father, David Brennan, discovered the body at their home in
Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester, when he returned on Wednesday
morning from his night shift.

Source:- The Times Friday 2 September 2005 page 17

ID check failures are putting children in danger

Thousands of children and older people are being put at risk
because of failings in identity checks on teachers, care workers
and professionals, working with vulnerable people.

A spot check by the Criminal Records Bureau on organisations
processing applications has found that more than a third were
failing accurately to confirm applicant’s identities.

Source:- The Times Friday 2 September 2005 page 24

Blair returns to work with an attack bad parents

Tony Blair will today put a clampdown on bad parents at the heart
of his measures to improve respect and tackle antisocial behaviour.
In his first speech since returning from holiday, the Prime
Minister will assert that families are central to the
government’s attempt to free people from loutish behaviour in
their cities and towns.

Source:- The Times Friday 2 September 2005 page 29

Rich-poor divide ‘as wide as 60 years

The rich-poor divide in Britain is as great as ever, 60 years after
the founding of the welfare state, according to new research.

The university study, which looked at social inequalities across
the country, found that residential areas with the highest levels
of poor health had the lowest numbers of doctors and dentists. The
study was conducted at the universities of Sheffield, Bristol and

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Friday 2 September 2005 page

School breaks tradition to teach pupils according to
ability, not age

A specialist state secondary school yesterday became the first in
England to teach all its pupils according to ability rather than
age as part of a scheme designed to raise low levels of

Source:- The Guardian Friday 2 September 2005 page 3

Muslim family lose right-to-life appeal

The family of an 86-year-old Muslim second world war veteran lost a
fight in the court of appeal yesterday to stop NHS doctors
withdrawing life support treatment.

Source:- The Guardian Friday 2 September 2005 page

Coming clean – The diary of a detoxing heroin

Source:- The Guardian G2  Friday 2 September 2005 page

My mother, the anorexic

As Judith Joseph was starving herself to death, she was
force-feeding her daughter into obesity. Rush Joseph on a childhood
blighted by her mother’s eating disorder.

Source:- The Guardian G2 Friday 2 September 2005 page

Britain warns it may opt out of EU asylum

Britain warned yesterday that it might opt out of proposed
European asylum laws amid fears that they could stop the government
expelling extremists who promote terrorism.

Britain also opposes rules limiting the time that failed
asylum-seekers can be detained before deportation.

Source:- The Independent Friday 2 September 2005 page

‘I know about the pain of violence…I had a
friend stabbed to death last year. I won’t be going soft on

Home secretary Charles Clarkes talks to The Mirror

Source:- The Mirror Friday 2 September 2005 page 11

There’s no such thing as Dyslexia, say

There is no scientific basis for the term Dyslexia, academics
have said. Last night the suggestion that Dyslexia is a
“myth” infuriated those who have been diagnosed with
the condition.

Source:- The Daily Mail Friday 2 September, 2005 page

Welsh news

Captain Beany is convicted of benefit fraud

The leader of a political party devoted to baked beans was
convicted of benefit fraud yesterday.

Captain Beany, leader of the New Millennium Bean Party, admitted
that he had wrongly claimed £2, 700 in income support.

Beany said that he had forgotten that he had more than £8,000
in shares which he did not tell the benefits office about.

Source:- Western Mail Friday 2 September

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