If you ask me…

Who has had the biggest influence on you?
Barclay, my friend.

Which health or social care professional has been most use
to you?
Dr Bridget not insisting on giving me a bad time.

If you ran care services in your area, what would you do

I’d make taking medication voluntary.

What three words best describe you?
Enthusiastic, optimistic, dangerous.

Has any government policy ever benefited you
Yes, government benefits.

Who is your dream date?
US actress Jodie Foster.

If you won the lottery how would you spend

I’d buy a house and live in it with all my friends and party all
the time.

What is your greatest achievement?
Playing music.

What makes you happy?
Making people I love happy

When did you last cry?
When I heard some Iranian – it made me cry as I am part

Who do you most admire?
Johnny Rotten from The Sex Pistols.

How would you like to be remembered?
As an immortal.

What is the most important lesson that you have
That I can’t take suffering.

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