Less than five per cent of homeless people in capital work

Unemployment amongst homeless people in London is 15 times
higher than it was 20 years ago, research published today has
found, writes Simeon Brody.

Less than 5 per cent of the capital’s homeless people
work, compared to 83 per cent in 1986, the survey by charity St
Mungo’s reveals.

Two thirds of the 100 homeless people surveyed said agencies and
employers were not willing to give them a chance and half said they
needed help and advice but there was no-one to help them.

Four out of every five said they did not have enough money to
carry them until their first salary and three in five said they
could not find a job that would pay them enough to cover rent and

The high unemployment figures come despite homeless people
saying their ideal jobs would be in building, leisure and IT, areas
where there is currently a labour shortage.

Hard Work for Homeless People from www.mungos.org/

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