BME children lack support in schools

    Children from ethnic minority groups are not being adequately
    supported in schools because of a lack of government funding, a
    report out today claims, writes Amy

    Each ethnic minority pupil is seen as having the same level of
    need under the current system, so funding is insufficient when
    children have a number of problems, says the study commissioned by
    the Association of Teachers and Lecturers.

    It says this is a particularly problem for asylum-seeker and
    refugee children, who often have complex social and psychological

    The association is calling for the funding system to be reformed
    to recognise that children may have multiple needs.

    It also argues that the system needs to be more responsive to
    pupils joining schools at different times throughout the school
    year, a common situation for asylum-seeker and refugee children,
    rather than being based on an annual head count.

    Diverse futures, equal chances – funding ethnic minority
    achievement in education from:

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