Councils able to discharge their duty to homeless people

    Councils will be allowed to discharge their duty to homeless
    people by providing permanent housing in the private sector, under
    new proposals being considered by the government, a conference has
    heard, writes Simeon Brody from the

    Director of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister’s
    homelessness directorate Terrie Alafat said she wanted to “unpick”
    the current understanding of settled accommodation.

    She told the National Housing Federation annual conference in
    Birmingham she wanted to investigate whether a suitable
    accommodation offer to a homeless person necessarily had to be in
    the social housing sector.

    Alafat said the ODPM would consult local authorities about the
    proposals before potentially going to ministers with
    recommendations to change the homelessness legislation or

    The plans are likely to be met with suspicion by some in the
    homelessness field who will question to security of tenure and
    appropriateness of some private rented accommodation.

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