Friday 16 September 2005

    By Maria Ahmed, Simeon Brody, Sally Gillen and Amy

    Jetskier Asbo

    A jetskier accused of endangering swimmers by weaving in and out
    of them has become the first in the country to have an Asbo slapped
    on him at Gosport, Hants.

    Source:- The Mirror Friday 16 September 2005 page

    Tragic Scott hanged acting out Disney movie

    Scott Buckle, 12, from Swansea, hanged himself while trying to
    copy Hollywood star Johnny Depp escaping death in the hit movie
    Pirates of the Caribbean.

    Source:- The Mirror Friday 16 September 2005 page

    Refugee dad died for his son

    The 13-year-old son of a failed asylum has been taken into care
    after his father handed himself at a detention centre on the day he
    was due to be deported.

    Angolan Manuel Brava, 35, was found early yesterday in the cell he
    and his son Antonio shared at Yarl’s Wood, Beds. Friends in
    Leeds said he had killed himself to help his son remain in the

    Source:- The Mirror Friday 16 September 2005 page

    Sex offender fugitive

    A British film-maker who fled during his trial on child sex
    charges was convicted in his absence yesterday.

    David Anderson, 64, was found guilty at Gloucester crown court on
    10 sexual assault and indecency charges involving a girl aged

    Source:- The Mirror Friday 16 September 2005 page

    Childminder escapes jail for racial assault on

    A childminder who crayoned the word “nigger” on the
    forehead of a two-year-old girl in her care narrowly escaped jail
    yesterday after a judge accepted pleas that she was “ignorant
    rather than evil”.

    Fay Stockley, 57, was told by the recorder of Derby that she had
    done a “wicked thing” which most people would consider
    deserved a prison sentence. But he suspended a six-month term for a
    year on the grounds that she had not understood the nastiness of
    what she had done.

    Source:- The Mirror Friday 16 September 2005 page 8

    Welfare ‘promote child poverty’

    Labour’s welfare policies are promoting child poverty
    because they do not encourage parents to stay together, a
    think-tank claimed yesterday.

    In a controversial report – which was dismissed as
    “garbage” by the Treasury – Civitas said
    “the high rates of child poverty in Britain are a result of
    the tax and benefit policies pursued by Tony Blair’s

    Source:- The Daily Telegraph Friday 16 September 2005
    page 2

    Teacher cleared of assaulting disruptive

    Willem van Trotsenburg, a senior teacher who was suspended for
    almost a year from a Norfolk High School after a persistently
    disruptive pupil accused him of assaulting her was cleared of any
    wrongdoing by a court yesterday.

    Source:- The Daily Telegraph Friday 16 September 2005
    page 2

    Sacked doctor in racial bias case is awarded

    A hospital consultant dismissed after amassing evidence against
    her bosses for a racial discrimination claim has won the second
    highest payout from an employment tribunal.

    Feyi Awontona, 50, was awarded £1.6 million after a tribunal
    ruled that she had been the victim of racial discrimination and
    unfairly dismissed by her NHS Trust.

    Source:- The Times Friday 16 September 2005 page 11

    Student depression is costing £30m

    British universities spend £30 million a year to provide
    counselling for students with mental health problems.

    Figures obtained by The Times under the Freedom of Information Act
    from 18 leading universities suggest that the number of students
    seeking counselling has risen by more than 20 per cent to 60,000 in
    five years.

    Source:- The Times Friday 16 September 2005 page 25

    Schools are accused of failing children in

    Fewer than one in 100 children in care have the chance to go to
    university, despite a government drive to get more working-class
    young people on degree courses, research by charity NCH shows.

    Source:- The Times Friday 16 September 2005 page 25

    Disability ‘naked, pregnant and proud’ takes
    on Trafalgar Square

    An artist whose nude and heavily pregnant body inspired a
    controversial marble sculpture has hailed the portrait as “a
    modern tribute to femininity, disability and

    Alison Lapper, 40, who was born with no arms and shortened legs, is
    the first female whose sculpture has grace Trafalgar Square.

    Source:- The Times Friday 16 September 2005 page 29

    Plan to revive estates

    Wider schemes are to revive bad estates are to be announced
    today, with measures for mixed private and social housing.

    David Miliband, the minister for local government and communities,
    will tell the conference of the National Housing Federation that
    “decent communities are as much about people are about

    Source:- The Times Friday 16 September 2005 page 30

    Death of a teenage father highlights the plight of
    Britain’s gun generation

    Ramone Cumberbatch, a proud teenage father from Manchester, was
    shot dead on Tuesday, the day before his 19th birthday.

    Officers are investigating whether his death is linked to a
    multiple shooting last week, after which a 16-year-old was

    Source:- The Independent Friday 16 September 2005 page

    “Sadistic” rapist jailed for 14

    A “sadistic” rapist who used his mobile phone to
    film an attack on a young woman has been jailed for 14 years.

    Jon Leaver, 23, from Lancashire, was convicted at Liverpool Crown
    Court of rape and causing grievous bodily harm.

    Source:- The Independent Friday 16 September 2005 page

    NHS slips £250m into the red this year

    The NHS has been ordered to sort out its finances as ministers
    reveal it has overspent by £250 million this year in spite of
    record levels of investment.

    NHS chief executive Sir Nigel Crisp has written to all hospital
    and mental health trusts that failed to balance the books, warning
    the poor financial management can erode public confidence.

    Source:- Financial Times Friday 16 September 2005 page

    Changes to tax credits system attacked

    Recent changes to the tax credits system have weakened work
    incentives, according to research by the Institute for Fiscal

    Anecdotal evidence suggested that some people were deciding they
    would be better off not working because additional income can lead
    to overpayments which may be clawed back at a later stage.

    Source:- Financial Times Friday 16 September 2005 page

    CBI chief criticises schools building

    A multi-billion pound scheme to rebuild or refurbish every
    secondary school risks running over budget and could fail to
    improve educational standards, according to the head of the

    Sir Digby Jones said the £20 billion Building Schools
    programme risked becoming “simply an exercise in school

    Source:- Financial Times Friday 16 September 2005 page

    CBI calls for body to cut red tape

    The Confederation of British Industry has called for a standing
    body to challenge the government and the public sector over
    efficiency, red tape and the incentives needed to improve public

    Source:- Financial Times Friday 16 September 2005 page

    Labour’s tax on the family

    Families are being encouraged to break up by the
    government’s tax and benefits policies, according to a report
    by think tank Civitas. It says parents can receive £4,000 more
    in handouts if they split up.

    Source:- Daily Mail Friday 16 September 2005 page 1

    Why did it take a year to clear the teacher falsely
    accused of assaulting a class menace?

    A teacher’s year-long ordeal was almost over yesterday
    after he was cleared of assaulting a disruptive schoolgirl.

    Willem van Trotsenburg, 51, was charged after the 14-year-old
    claimed she fell and hurt her arm when he forcibly removed her from
    his maths class in a Norfolk comprehensive. He still faces an
    investigation by education chiefs.

    Source:- Daily Mail Friday 16 September 2005 page

    Scottish news

    Tragic town hit by another suicide on the eve of tragic Rory’s

    The town of Livingston has been rocked by its third tragedy in a
    month with the suicide of a teenage boy.

    The death comes just a week after a student from the same school
    took his own life, and on the eve of the murdered schoolboy Rory
    Blackhall’s funeral.

    Seventeen-year-old Ryan Hargan was found dead at his home in
    Dedridge by his mother on Wednesday evening. It is understood he
    used an item of clothing to hang himself from the bathroom shower

    Source:- The Scotsman Friday 16 September 2005

    Is it now time for the ‘truth in sentencing’?

    When James Campbell snatched a two-year-old girl from her home at
    knifepoint in Lanarkshire last July there was a public

    Campbell had been released two months earlier on licence over
    breaking into a 91-year-old woman’s house with intent to

    His case and many others who re-offend after being released raises
    serious questions about sentencing, community supervision and the
    limitations of both.

    Source:- The Herald Friday 16 September 2005

    Welsh news

    Photographer jailed for sex attack on teenager

    A professional photographer was jailed for 12 months yesterday for
    sexually assaulting an 18-year-old girl on a photo shoot.

    Martin Turner, 37, sexually assaulted the girl as she posed on a
    bed at his home.

    The girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said that she
    accepted a glass of water from Turner. She told a court that her
    memory had then blurred but that she felt Turner touching her as he
    took hundreds of indecent photos of her.

    Source:- Western Mail Friday 16 September

    Interpol hunts missing Welsh family

    An international hunt has been launched following the disappearance
    of a Welsh mother, her two children and her partner.

    The group are believed to have gone to France. Paula Sears is
    alleged to have abducted her children, Jacob Luke, three, and
    Shauna Anne-Marie, two, from the care of social services.

    An international warrant has been put out for Sears’

    Source:- Western Mail Friday 16 September

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