Young people targeted in knife crime clampdown

Young people are being urged to pass on information to the police to help them catch peers involved in knife crime.

For this year’s Crimestoppers Week, launched today, the charity is targeting young people aged between 13 and 16 to raise awareness and ultimately reduce knife crime by and against young people in Britain’s communities.

The campaign – which follows a series of random high-profile attacks on young people including Anthony Walker and Damilola Taylor – uses images and characters in the style of a computer game to tell the story of a young person who becomes a victim of knife crime. It shows someone calling Crimestoppers anonymously to pass on information which is then used by the police to arrest the perpetrators.

The charity said that, while the full extent of knife crime in the UK was not known, it was strongly suspected that a vast number of these crimes were going unreported and that a great deal of both offenders and victims were of school age.

“We know that young people often do not want to tell anyone if they are a victim of knife crime,” a spokesperson said. “Crimestoppers is there to provide a safe way for you to give information about crime without anyone knowing that you called us. We are there to help make you and your family and friends safer.”

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