Hardy murder probe clears Camden staff

An independent inquiry has cleared social care agencies in Camden
of any blame in the case of a man with a diagnosed mental illness
who murdered three women in 2002.

Although Anthony Hardy was discharged from hospital six weeks
before carrying out the second murder, his condition at the time
was clinically normal and hospital managers were correct to
discharge him, the inquiry decided.

Hardy’s mental illness was of no relevance to the murders, which
could not have been prevented or predicted, it was decided.

The review, chaired by lawyer Robert Robinson, did find some
shortcomings in Hardy’s care but stressed that none of them could
be linked to the murder.

Erville Millar, chief executive of Camden and Islington Mental
Health and Social Care Trust, said: “This is an important report
because it finds that the man committed the murders, not the mental

Hardy, who was 52 at the time of the murders, is serving three life

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