A third of women assaulted after getting drunk

More than a third of young women have been sexually assaulted
after getting drunk, according to a survey conducted by responsible
drinking campaigners The Portman Group, writes Clare

The survey also found that two per cent of men had been sexually
assaulted after drinking and 34 per cent of women had unplanned or
unprotected sex while under the influence of alcohol.

Chief executive of the Portman Group Jean Coussins, said:
“What is most alarming of all is the fact that young women
seem to be risking more than young men.”

“They are getting into more fights, more arguments and are
being arrested or cautioned by the police more than young
men,” she added.

The research which was conducted amongst 1,000 18 to
30-year-olds found that almost 60 per cent of women had got into an
argument during a night out and more young women than men said they
had been injured through an accident after getting drunk.

“Anatomy of a big night out” from www.portmangroup.org.uk

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