People with learning difficulties socially excluded

People with learning difficulties are often socially excluded,
according to research published by the Department of Health today,
writes Clare Jerrom.

The report found that people with learning difficulties
supported under ‘Supporting People’ or in private
households tended to live in poor and deprived areas.

Only one in six people with learning difficulties of working age
were in employment, yet almost two out of three people with
learning difficulties who were unemployed and able to work wanted a

One in 20 people surveyed had no friends and did not see anyone
from their family.

The report also found that:-

• Almost half of those surveyed had been bullied at

• One third said they did not feel safe in their homes or
local areas

• One in 10 had been a victim of crime

• Fifteen per cent said their general health was “not

The survey also revealed that one in 20 people had an unmet need
for support and 10 per cent said they had wanted to complain about
the support they received.

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