Thursday 29 September 2005

By Simeon Brody, Derren Hayes and Amy Taylor

Children targeted

Animal rights activists have targeted children’s nurseries
in an attempt to close down Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Leapfrog Day Nurseries, which offered childcare vouchers to
employees of the animal testing company has withdrawn the scheme
after threats.

Source:- The Times Thursday 29 September 2005 page

Killer bully

A teenage bully was facing a life sentence for the murder of a
man who confronted him for terrorising his son.

The 16-year-old was found guilty of murder at the Old Bailey after
the stabbing in Brixton.

Source:- The Times Thursday 29 September 2005 page

BMW boy banned

AN 11-year-old boy was banned from driving for a year after
police caught him driving a BMW in Andover.

Source:- The Times Thursday 29 September 2005 page

Council tax protest pensioners line up to go to

“Dozens” more pensioners are willing to go to prison
in the fight against council tax, the leader of the campaign has

 Source:- The Daily Telegraph Thursday 29 September
2005 page 1

New baby alert over Seroxat

A new caution over the antidepressant Seroxat advises doctors
that it could increase the risk of abnormalities in babies if given
to women in the first three months of pregnancy.

Source:- The Times Thursday 29 September 2005 page

Girl gang held after gun scare

A Merseyside teaching assistant was traumatised after a gang of
14-year-olds threatened her with a pellet gun she thought was real,
police said. A group of girls were later arrested.

Source:- The Times Thursday 29 September 2005 page

Safer sleeping plea after death of second

A West Yorkshire coroner called for stronger warning against
parents sleeping with their babies after an inquest into the
smothering of a five-week-old baby whose sister died the same way
three years ago.

Source:- The Guardian Thursday 29 September 2005 page

Asylum-seeker hid in cinema

Staff at the Odeon cinema in Cheltenham discovered that a Polish
asylum-seeker had been living behind one of their screens for more
than a month.

Source:- The Independent Thursday 29 September 2005
page 20

Axe killer’s mother made 38 pleas to lock him

The mother of a paranoid schizophrenic who killed his friend
with an axe told yesterday how she had repeatedly begged mental
health workers to lock him up before the attack.

Gary Taylor, 38, denied murder but admitted manslaughter by reason
of diminished responsibility and was ordered to be detained
indefinitely by a judge. South of Tyne and Wearside mental health
NHS trust said it was working closely with his family to find out
what went wrong.

Source:- Daily Mail Thursday 29 September 2005 page

Mother arrested for leaving children alone

A mother from Peterborough was arrested yesterday for leaving
her three children home alone for four days while she went on a
trip to Germany.

Source:- Daily Mail Thursday 29 September 2005 page

Scottish news

Search for 2000 families to ease foster care

A campaign to recruit foster-parents, launched yesterday in
Glasgow, is the latest attempt to combat a worrying shortage of the
carers across Scotland.

The scheme in Glasgow aims to increase numbers of adoptive parents
and carers in the city, lessening the need for children to be
placed with families further away.

An extra 2000 new foster homes are needed to cope with the
increasing demand and take the strain off already over-burdened

Source:- The Herald Thursday 29 September

Welsh news

Call for witnesses to come forward in Bellamy case

Police looking into the murder of 17-year-old Ben Bellamy have
appealed for two witnesses to come forward who they believe could
help with the investigation.

Three teenagers have been charged with Bellamy’s murder after
his body was found on a beach in Swansea earlier this month.

Source:- Western Mail Thursday 29 September

Social care boss blasts Assembly budget

Cardiff Council’s executive for social care has criticised
the level of new money announced for public services by the
National Assembly.

Councillor John Dixon said that the extra £240 million
allocated to public services in 2006/7 was just money that had been
“creamed off council taxpayers through

This included £10 million for social care. This is on top of
an extra £35 million already pledged for the sector for next

Source:- South Wales Echo Thursday 29 September

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