Book Review: Understanding Drug Issues

Book Cover - Understanding Drug Issues

Understanding Drug Issues
David Emmett and Graeme Nice
Jessica Kingsley Publishers
£35; ISBN: 1843103508

This resource, which includes instructions and photocopiable worksheets for using with groups of young people (though some of the material could also be used with individuals) aims to stimulate discussion on the issues surrounding drug use, writes Catriona Scott.

Rather than preaching at young people, overloading them with facts or seeking to shock them with horror stories, all the exercises are designed to encourage young people to think about the issues, to increase their awareness and to encourage them to take individual responsibility over decisions regarding drug use. The book includes exercises on dealing with the potential consequences of drug use, for example,  the accidental death of a young person.

One problem with books such as this is that they can very quickly become outdated and certainly the chapter on street slang is a casualty of this. Slang  varies regionally too so worksheets may need to be adapted for local use. 

 As the book contains mostly worksheets it might have been more practical to have produced it in a spiral bound format for easier photocopying.

Overall, however, this is a valuable resource for those working with young people.

Catriona Scott is a service manager at the Family Welfare Association

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