Wednesday 5 October 2005

Anthony: 4 quizzed 

Four people have been quizzed by police in connection with the
murder of black teenager Anthony Walker.

Three men, aged 31, 25 and 18, and a 34-year-old woman, all from
Liverpool, have been arrested on suspicion of perverting the course
of justice.

A-level student Anthony, 18, was beaten to death with an axe in
Huyton, Merseyside, on July 29.

Two people have been charged with murder and are awaiting

Source:- The Daily Mirror Wednesday 5 October 2005 page

Unused evidence

Lawyers are being paid £70 an hour to examine evidence that
may never be used in court, Lord Goldsmith, QC, the
Attorney-General, said.

He called for rules on the disclosure of evidence to be applied

Source:- The Times Wednesday 5 October 2005 page 2

Intimidation claim

Detainees at an immigration removal centre are being intimidated
by officers who carry wooden staves, according to an inspection

The 12 inch-long staves were found at the 100-inmate Haslar
centre in Gosport, Hampshire, though they are banned from use in
Category D jails and women’s prisons.

Source:- The Times Wednesday 5 October 2005 page 4

School death

Post-mortem tests have revealed that a 16-year-old teenager
found dead at a private school was found hanged.

The body of Seok Yoon Park was discovered at Bromsgrove School
in Worcestershire, on Monday.

Source:- The Times Wednesday 5 October 2005 page 4

Damning Ofsted report reveals literacy

Thousands of children are starting secondary school unable to
read or write properly because of poor teaching, school inspectors
have found.

Source:- The Times Wednesday 5 October 2005 page 14

Diversity head showed race bias

The immigration service’s head of diversity discriminated
against a black member of his staff, an employment tribunal

Sandra Williams, an immigration officer at Gatwick airport, is
seeking £350,000 compensation from the Home Office after
winning her race discrimination claim.

Source:- The Times Wednesday 5 October 2005 page 16

Killer had stopped his drug treatment

A man diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia killed a father of
two and stabbed five other people after he heard voices telling him
to kill English people, the Old Bailey was told yesterday.

Ismail Dogan, 30, from Turkey, started the “random and
indiscriminate” attacks on members of the public in December
last year as he drove around North London, it was said.

Source:- The Times Wednesday 5 October 2005, page

Racists face jail over magazine

Six members of an extremist group face jail for publishing or
possessing a magazine that incited racial hatred.

The neo-Nazis, from the Racial Volunteer Force, a group that
splintered from Combat 18, denied publishing the material but
changed their pleas on the eve of their trial.

Source:- The Times Wednesday 5 October 2005 page 29

Home Office defers expulsion of women held in brothel

Six women, mostly from Eastern Europe, who were rescued by
police from a brothel in Birmingham last week had their removal
from the UK deferred following pressure from campaigners.

Yesterday, human rights lawyers were refused access to the
women, who were being held in Yarlswood detention centre in
Bedfordshire on the grounds that they were not victims of
trafficking and were in the country illegally.

Source:- The Guardian Wednesday 5 October 2005 page

Equality chief questions taboo over word

Black and Asian activists turned on the Commission for Racial
Equality yesterday after its chairman called for a new consensus on
racial sensitivities, including discussion of whether people should
take offence at being called ‘coloured’.

Source:- The Guardian Wednesday 5 October 2005 page

Alcohol abusers should not get transplants

Nigel Heaton, who heads the liver unit at King’s College
hospital in London, says urgent measures are needed to identify
patients who are likely to abuse alcohol after their operations, so
they can be kicked off hospital waiting lists.

Source:- The Guardian Wednesday 5 October 2005 page

Upping the anti

A Fathers 4 Justice-style campaign group has launched a series
of bitter attacks on social workers, calling them ‘child
snatchers’ and family wreckers.

The group Families Anti Social Services Inquiry Team (Fassit)
share information on the web and mainly consists of parents under
investigation by social services or in dispute with their
ex-partner over access to their children.

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 5 October 2005 page

On the right path

Pathways to Work, a back-to-work scheme, is benefiting people
with mental health problems

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 5 October 2005 page

Capita gains

Outsourcing, a major part of state-funded services, has mostly
been a success. But Rod Aldridge, executive chairman of Capita,
says it is not happening fast enough.

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 5 October 2005 page

Feeling the pressure

The latest round of NHS reorganisation involving primary care
reform is provoking opposition from unexpected quarters.

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 5 October 2005 page

Model behaviour 

Black male mentors provide father-figure guidance to help set
things straight for unruly boys excluded from schools.

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 5 October 2005 page

Regular exercise could keep Alzheimer’s at

Taking exercise twice a week during your 40s and 50s could be
the best way of staving of Alzheimer’s, according to Swedish

Source:- Daily Mail  Wednesday 5 October 2005 page

Estate was without hope in 1985 – now it’s a
beacon for racial harmony

The Broadwater Farm estate in north London, which was the scene
of race riots in 1985, is now a low crime area that is home to 39
different nationalities.

Source:- The Independent Wednesday 5 October 2005 page

Killer who stabbed six ‘had orders from

A man diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic killed one person and
attacked five others in north London last Christmas, the Old Bailey
heard yesterday.

Ismail Dogan’s mental state deteriorated last year when he
stopped taking anti-psychotic drugs, according to barrister
Jonathan Laidlaw.

Dogan has pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Ernest Meads on
the grounds of diminished responsibility. He denies five counts of
attempted murder.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Wednesday 5 October page

NHS trust to be charged over boy’s

An NHS trust is to be prosecuted over the death of a
nine-year-old boy in July 2001.

The Health and Safety Executive is to take action against
Mid-Essex Hospitals NHS Trust next month over the death of Tony
Clowes at Bloomfield Hospital in Chelmsford.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Wednesday 5 October page

Health employers push for inflation peg on

Health employers claim the NHS will only be able to afford an
inflation pay deal for staff next year.

NHS Employers, which represents employers, called for a 2.5 per
cent rise, saying large increases over the past few years and the
NHS’s current financial plight would make a bigger rise

Source:- The Financial Times Wednesday 5 October page

Clarke pledges public spending cuts but offers no
promise on tax

Two leading Conservative leadership contenders yesterday gave
their backing to public spending cuts.

Kenneth Clarke said public spending should be 40 per cent of
national income, as opposed to 42 per cent, which it is expected to
rise to under Labour.

And David Davis said spending should increase by at most 0.75
per cent a year in real terms, which would entail expenditure below
40 per cent of income.

Source:- The Financial Times Wednesday 5 October page

Call to scrap failing jobs policies

The Institute for Public Policy Research has called for more
frontline resources in Jobcentres to ensure the success of
policies, such as Pathways to Work, to get disadvantaged groups
into work.

Source:- The Financial Times Wednesday 5 October page

Welsh news

Kids don’t play enough, says Rhodri

Rhodri Morgan launched a childcare scheme for poor families
yesterday, which will focus on play, including teaching nursery
rhymes and games that children are no longer taught at home.

Every child under four living in an area where more than 45 per
cent of primary schools pupils have free school meals will get free
childcare under the scheme.

Source: Western Mail   Wednesday 5 October

Scottish News 

Explicit sex survey for pupils

Glasgow school children as young as 13 are to be asked explicit
questions about their sex lives as part of a survey of attitudes
towards health and relationships aimed at reducing spiralling
teenage pregnancies and sexual diseases in the city. The voluntary
study, compiled by NHS Greater Glasgow and Glasgow Council, will
ask children whether they have had oral sex, as well as how many
partners they have had. Glasgow has one of the worst teenage
pregnancy records in Europe, while around one in 10 of 16 to
19-year-old girls in Scotland are infected with chlamydia.

Source: The Herald  Wednesday 5 October

Council’s stark choice – cut staff or raise

A watchdog has warned Dundee Council that it will have to make
staff redundant, put up rents or increase council tax to deliver
value for money to its tax-payers. The Accounts Commission found
that Dundee’s policies of capping rent and council tax rises and
not making compulsory redundancies were hindering its attempts to
provide good quality services. Educational attainment was below
national averages and home-care provision was classed as poor.

Source: The Scotsman Wednesday 5 October

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