Thursday 6 October 2005

By Maria Ahmed, Simeon Brody, Derren Hayes and Amy

Homeless man denies murder

An architect died five days after being stabbed as he fought off a
mugger who attacked him in his lunch break, the Old Bailey heard

Christopher Olokun, 31, of no fixed address, denies attempted
robbery and murder and seven other counts of robbery. The case

Source:- The Independent Thursday 6 October 2005 page

Teenage “honour killing” victim stabbed 46

A Muslim teenager was stabbed 46 times in an “honour
killing” after getting engaged  to a girl whose father had
decided she should marry someone else, a court heard.

Chomar Ali, 44, a Bangladeshi from Oxford, had organised an
arranged marriage for his daughter and was furious when she started
going out and became pregnant with an Iranian.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Thursday 6 October 2005 page

Council opens the door for house thief

Clackmannanshire Council issued an apology to one of its tenants
after sending a joiner to his flat to force the door for a
convicted housebreaker who telephoned the authority claiming he was
locked out.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Thursday 6 October 2005 page

Trying harder

A scheme that helps boys underachieving at school is being extended
to more than 90 schools in England.

The Breakthrough programme, involving mentoring and after-school
classes has been credited with a big improvement in GCSE

Source:- The Times Thursday 6 October 2005 page 2

Deportees seen as traitors

Deportations of failed asylum-seekers to Zimbabwe should remain
suspended because applicants are considered “traitors”
and “Blair’s spies” by the Mugabe regime, a court
was told yesterday.

Mark Henderson, counsel for the Refugee Legal Centre made the
statements at the opening of a test case of a Zimbabwean migrant,
who cannot be identified, who is challenging the Home
Secretary’s decision to remove him from Britain. The hearing

Source:- The Times Thursday 6 October 2005 page 30

First Asbo for boozy solicitor

A high flying woman became the first lawyer in Britain to be given
an Asbo yesterday.

Colette Cowap, 38, a personal injury specialist, was slapped with
the ban after a catalogue of drunken and abusive behaviour by
Blackpool magistrates.

Source:- The Daily Mirror Thursday 6 October 2005 page

There were 53 suicides. It cost millions. And thousands of men were
arrested. But the bitter truth is that the police operation to
crack down on internet porn has been a dire failure. So what went

Source:- The Daily Mail Thursday 6 October 2005 page

Racism still rife in jails, five years after the murder of
Zahid Mubarek

The Prison Service will be strongly criticised for continued racial
discrimination against ethnic minority inmates by the official
report from the Zahid Mubarek inquiry.

Two internal Prison Service reports catalogue continuing
discrimination, poor practice and other failings.

Source:- The Guardian Thursday 6 October 2005 page 4

Families face hardship over repayment of tax credits

More than 1 million families face demands to repay tax credits
after the deadline closed last week for returning benefit renewal

Last year more than 2 million families were told they must pay back
£2 billion after they were overpaid.

Source:- The Guardian Thursday 6 October 2005 page 4

Asylum leak reveals only 20 Iraqis will be sent back

The government’s programme of forcibly returning failed
asylum seekers to Iraq is expected to result in a maximum of only
20 people being expelled from Britain, according to a leaked Home
Office paper.

Source:- The Guardian Thursday 6 October 2005 page 6

Scottish news

Society ‘failing to face’ the hidden issue of affluent women

Binge-drinking by affluent women is a problem Scotland is failing
to face up to, former health minister Susan Deacon has

She said an increasing number of successful women are drinking to
cope with modern life.

The problem was often overlooked because successful young women
were perceived to lead healthy lifestyles.

Source:- The Scotsman Thursday 6 October

Welsh news

Thousands to benefit form latest NSPCC training pack

The NSPCC has launched a large scale child protection training
scheme as part of a campaign.

More than 11, 000 people who work with children in Wales have
received the training which aims to teach people how to spot the
signs of child abuse.

Source:- Western Mail Thursday 6 October

Mum held on child abduction charge

North Wales police officers went to Spain yesterday to arrest a
mother and her partner who are accused of abducting their own
children from care.

Paula Sears and Kevin Jones were being held by Spanish police and
will be flown home today.

Sears, from Bagillt, in North Wales, is allegedly to have locked a
social worker in her house when her children were brought to visit

Source:- Western Mail Thursday 6 October


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