Tabloid Clangers

Of Yobs and Dogs…

In a story headlined ‘Asbo on tiny tots’ The Daily Mirror reported that “bungling” officials at Birmingham City Council had threatened to slap an Asbo on a nine-month-old baby and his two-year-old sister. “Shocked” mum Sarah Tullett was sent a letter ordering her to a meeting concerning the antisocial behaviour of Mikey and Tamzine in a “crackdown on yobs.”Dog

The Sun revealed a sensational story about a police dog named Buster who was fired after he “wagged his tail at yobs.”

The Sun wins the prize for headline of the week with their version of the story about criticism of Lotto chiefs who are said to be piling up £2.4 billion of Lottery money instead of distributing it: “Clottos sitting on our £2.4bn Lotto.” But the tune turned sour in the obnoxious editorial which stated: “Clearly there aren’t enough asylum-seeking, one-armed lesbians in Britain to meet the current criteria.” Now the Tories are attempting to come over as the “caring” party, it seems The Sun have inherited their “nasty party” mantle…

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