Thursday 27 October 2005

By Maria Ahmed, Derren Hayes and Amy Taylor

No refugees forced home

Moves to force failed asylum seekers back to Iraq have been shelved but they are being told to leave voluntarily. The government started rounding up dozens of Iraqis three months ago to deport them “as soon as practical arrangements” were in place. But immigration minister Tony McNulty has admitted “operational issues” mean they will not be going. Many are being freed on bail.

Source:- The Daily Mirror Thursday October 27 2005 page 8

Supermarkets alcopops ban

Warning on sales to under-age drinkers

Source:- The Sun Thursday October 27 2005 page 2

16-year-old mum of triplets snaps back at her critics

Britain’s youngest mum of triplets has hit back at accusations of being an irresponsible benefits scrounger. Natalie Scanlan said: ”If you think this is the easy option…just try it for a day.”

Source:- The Sun Thursday October 27 2005 page 14-15

Paedophile jailed

Ex-Scout leader Neil Carrington, 47, of Westcliff, Essex, was jailed for a year on 11 internet child porn charges.

Source:- The Sun Thursday October 27 2005 page 16

7m blind drunks

Nearly 70 per cent of Britain’s 1 million binge drinkers don’t know they are boozing too much, a BUPA poll revealed yesterday.

Source:- The Sun Thursday October 27 2005 page 33

MP urges ban for violent game

The government has been urged to ban a violent video game that features a bully attacking children. Keith Vaz, the MP for Leicester East, told the Commons yesterday ministers must stop the game Bully, going on sale in the UK.

Source:- The Independent Thursday October 27 2005 page 8

Home Office keeps tabs on only one in four failed asylum seekers

The government can be sure of the whereabouts of only 25 per cent of the estimated 200,000-250,000 failed asylum seekers currently in Britain, the Home Office said last night.

Source:- The Guardian Thursday October 27 2005 page 6

Prisoners given keys to their cells because of high risk of fire

Inmates of wooden cabins used in prisons to solve overcrowding have been given their own keys because the buildings are such a fire risk, according to National Audit Commission report. The NAO report says the Home Office needs to improve it contingency arrangements for dealing with the number of prisoners which have reached a record high of more than 77,000.

Source:- The Guardian Thursday October 27 2005 page 16

ASBO school ban

A teenager who attacked his teachers has been banned from school under an ASBO. Gary Addy, 16, of West Ham, east London, cannot enter within 50 metres of any school or college in Newham without prior permission for two years, after Stratford Youth Court was told he made life in the area a misery.

Source:- The Times Thursday October 27 2005 page 4

Asda threatened with ASBO

Asda, the supermarket chain, has been threatened with an antisocial behaviour order unless it withdraws “Hallo’ween” egg boxes from sale. Councillors in Liverpool claim that the packaging will encourage people to throw eggs.

Source:- The Times Thursday October 27 2005 page 29

Home repossession orders soar by 66 per cent as debt mounts

A rise of 66 per cent in repossession orders against home buyers across the country was disclosed yesterday. Londoners were hit with an 81 per cent increase.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Thursday October 27 2005 page 1

Scottish news

Website closed to prevent gang violence

A young person has been ordered to shut down his website, amid fears that it could spark neighbourhood confrontations in Glasgow.

Robert Wilson set up an internet site to keep in touch with friends from the Broomhill district of the city. But when he posted a claim that he had been assaulted in neighbouring Jordanhill, the message board was swamped with heated exchanges between teenagers from the two areas and he was told by police to shut it down because of fears it could spark violence.

Source:- The Scotsman Thursday 27 October

Michael goes to foster family

Michael McGarrity, the toddler who survived for up to six weeks trapped in a flat with his dead mum, has been released from hospital and placed with foster carers.

His gran wants to take care of him, but his father Jason Nolan, who was separated from his mum, also wants custody. Doctors and social workers have been pleased with his recovery following the ordeal.

Source:- Daily Record Thursday 27 October

Welsh news

Anguished teen to visit pal’s grave

A teenager is to visit the grave of her friend for the first time a year after they both formed a suicide pact.

The girl and Laura Rhodes, from Neath, tried to kill themselves using painkillers after being bullied.

Laura died but the girl, who is from Longbridge, Birmingham, survived after recovering in hospital.

Source:- Western Mail Thursday 27 October



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