My Life

My mum is having a new baby this month. She and Simon came into the front room and switched the TV off so I thought I was in trouble. But it was about the baby.

I don’t know what I think. It’ll be weird having a brother or sister. I hope it’s a brother and then I can teach it football, Playstation and boy stuff. I’m excited about that bit. And even if it’s a girl i’ll still play with it.

But i’ve told mum I don’t want to share a bedroom because that means when I’m 12 I’d be sharing with a two-year-old. How could I have my friends round?

So she says we might have to move – again. We used to live in Kent in a refuge. Then we got a flat and then we came up to Newcastle in a big van.

I couldn’t understand people at first. And some of the boys round here said I spoke funny – even though they did. And I go to the Catholic school three miles away and they don’t, so I get bullied sometimes. I used to support West Ham like my grandad but now I support Newcastle.

I like my school. This is my last year before big school. Everybody in our class has to have a new responsibility and I’m house captain for my house sports team, St Oswalds. I get to wear a badge.

I like sport, especially climbing. That’s what I’m really good at. And I like music. I’ve been to Glastonbury three times. Mum and Simon were going to get married in an inflatable chapel there but the man said to come back in the morning. But when they woke up they’d changed their mind. Mum says it’s tacky to walk down the isle when you’re pregnant.

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