Pots of gold: The Children, Young People and Families Grant Programme

The Children, Young People and Families Grant Programme

Contact details:
Children, Young People and Families Grant Programme Team, Department for Education and Skills (DfES), 2nd Floor, Sanctuary Buildings, Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3BT

What is it?
A national grant programme to support implementation of Every Child Matters: Change for Children. From April 2006 the CYPFGP will replace the Children and Young People’s Participation Fund; the National Voluntary Youth Organisations Grant Scheme; the Safeguarding Children and Supporting Families grant; the Strengthening Families Grant; and the Sure Start VCS grant.   

Who runs it?
The Department for Education and Skills.

How much money does it give away?
Around £20m in the first funding round.

Who or what is the money intended for?
The CYPFGP will support work that helps achieve key Every Child Matters policy objectives.  These include joining up, expanding and developing accessible, affordable and high quality early learning and child care options, and providing opportunities, support and challenges for teenagers and parents.

What projects are eligible?
Two types of grant are available:
• Strategic grants – to fund core activities such as capacity building, provision of infrastructure and specialist services for organisations undertaking work of national significance.
• Project grants – for discrete, time-limited innovative activities that will help to develop knowledge of what works in improving outcomes.

How big is each grant?
There is no threshold for strategic grants.  Project grants are expected to be no less than £50,000.

Who can apply?
Organisations must be non-profit-making, either a charity or run along similar lines, have a clear management structure and financial controls, practise quality assurance and equal opportunities, and have the capacity to monitor the funded activity.

How do I apply?
Applications can be downloaded from: http://www.everychildmatters.gov.uk/strategyvoluntaryandcommunity/cypfgrant/

When should I apply?
First round funding applications must be submitted by 12 noon on Friday 11 November 2005.

How long does the process take?
Successful applicants will be notified in January 2006.

How will projects be monitored?
Recipients must report on financial and project management and on progress against success indicators identified in the application.  The DfES will also ask about volunteers’ involvement in service design, management and/or delivery.

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