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As social workers are the main providers of mental health services in the US their skills are now very much in demand as people displaced by Hurricane Katrina seek help. The National Association of Social Workers says at least 1,000 of its 153,000 members have lost their jobs or offices and the organisation has set up a Social Work Disaster Fund to help them get back on their feet. www.naswdc.org
The glory days are over for social care and the “disembowelling” of social services departments will hit service users. That’s the claim from one Have Your Say contributor commenting on Community Care’s article “Knock it down and start again” (20 October). Part of the problem is that social workers have not defined what exactly they do, another contributor chips in. See www.communitycare.co.uk  under discussion forum.

Google earth offers a diversion from the daily grind with its satellite imagery and maps. Try keying in “London” and “social services” then “fly” to York and do the same. Why? Well, because you can?

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