Fifteen restaurant to offer trainees cannabis treatment

Treatment for cannabis will be offered to trainees at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant, it has emerged.

Trainees who had tried to give up the drug after joining the restaurant fell back into old habits as a way of coping with the challenge of the work urging Fifteen to seek help.

“At Fifteen cannabis has caused poor attendance, lateness, lack of motivation, difficulty in retaining information and insecurity,” said Tony Elvin, training and development manager of the Fifteen Foundation, the restaurant’s charity wing.

“We are helping trainees to access treatment to allow them to stay on the course and fulfil their potential.”

A pilot course is being undertaken on one of the trainees and if it is successful, it will be rolled out to around a dozen new recruits to the restaurant.

After agreeing to stop using the drug, the participants will be assigned life coaches and will be asked to confront the underlying reason for using the drug.

Fifteen was opened by Oliver in November 2002 and was the subject of a TV documentary in 2003.

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