Victims of Crime and Community Justice

Book Cover: Victim of Crime and Community JusticeBrian Williams, Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN 1843101955,


Williams has produced a highly insightful book which introduces the reader to the differing issues of concern in relation to victims of crime, writes Gurmit Heer.

However, it not only mentions national problems but examines international responses to dealing with crime victims and how other countries are addressing the needs.

The opening chapter sets the scene well, while the next two concentrate on community and restorative justice, highlighting the similarities between the two as well as the differences.

Importantly, the theme and focus upon the voluntary sector’s invaluable contribution to its work with victims is inherent throughout, as at times this can be overlooked by those not too familiar with the nature of work done with victims of crime.

The best chapter offers case studies to illustrate the work done by agencies with victims and what issues can arise. This book will broaden readers’ thinking on the needs of victims – and balances those with the perpetrators’.

Gurmit Heer is senior lecturer in criminal justice, University of Central England

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