What’s up on the web

Whats up on the web

Wikipedia is a fascinating site – a free online encyclopedia compiled by the people who use it. You would think it would be rubbish but somehow it works. Go to www.wikipedia.org. When disputes arise a warning sign appears stating “the neutrality of this article is disputed”. You can then click on the discussion tab to find out why – and add your own contribution.

No such warning appears on the entry “Normal For Norfolk” which is described as a slang term from an urban myth that Norfolk social services used to record the letters NFN against the details of clients considered strange and peculiar. Another version has it that it was hospital doctors rather than social workers. Which, if either is true? Search for NFN on the site.

The social work section also has complaints that it has too much of a North American bias. There is also a call for the section on “examples of documented abuses” to be removed.
Someone else is asking whether social work is a health science. One reply states “Up here in Canada it is all the rage to call social work the helping profession.” See under “social work” and go to discussion.

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