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Goint to a pupil referral unit was very different. I felt nervous and unsure about what it would be like.

When going to the PRU, I found I was more in control of my actions. I found it easier to express my feelings and thoughts in a reasonable way. This was mainly because it was more relaxed then mainstream school. The teachers there were not only teachers but also friends. You could talk to them about anything – they would always try to help in the best way they could.

I think I got along much better because at mainstream school there are loads more children whereas at the PRU it was more focused because there were less people to worry about in the class.

Being at the PRU encouraged me to attend school and be on time. This was mainly because we had a reward: if you were early you would get  points and once you had built up enough you could get vouchers or top-ups for your mobile. That system really worked because more people attended on time.

It was the same system if you behaved in class. If you did not, some of your points would be deducted. This definitely worked for me.

Doing all of this really helped me to come out with a good set of GCSE results. Even though I didn’t take as many as pupils in mainstream school, the ones I did take I did really well in.
My top grades were a B in maths and a B and C in English. These were much better than I was predicted. If I had stayed at mainstream school I don’t think I would ever have got that.

I’ve now left the PRU and I’m doing a two-year media course at college, which I am thoroughly enjoying.

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