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Name: The Big Boost

Contact details:
Telephone: 0845 410 2030
Text: 07624 803 312
E-mail: info@thebigboost.org.uk
Website: www.thebigboost.org.uk

What is it?
Part of the Grants to Individuals strand of the Big Lottery Fund, the Big Boost aims to encourage social entrepreneurship among individuals and small groups of young people, aged between 11 and 25 years old.

Who runs it?
UnLtd – the Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs recently won the tender to run the programme. The Prince’s Trust, Scarman Trust and Changemakers will grant the awards.
How much money does it give away?

A total of £10 million. Over 4,200 grants of between £250 and £5,000 will be awarded over the next two years. 

Who or what is the money intended for?
The programme aims to support a wide range of youth ideas, from school-based enterprises through to larger scale, community projects. 

What kind of projects are eligible?
Projects must be of benefit to a community within the UK and present a learning opportunity for the applicant.

How big is each grant?
Grants to applicants aged 11 to 16 are between £250 and £1,000, with an average of £750. Grants to applicants between 16 and 25 are between £500 and £5,000 with an average of £2,500.

Who can apply?
Young people who are:
• 11 to 25 years old
• living in England
• applying as an individual or as a small informal group
• planning a project that is of benefit to a community in the UK and is a learning opportunity for the applicant/s. 
•  Organisations, charities or formal groups may not apply.

How do I apply?
Visit www.thebigboost.org.uk and take the eligibility criteria quiz. If you pass you will be directed to a page where you can download an application form.

When should I apply?
There are no deadlines. Awards will be granted each month except August and December.

How long does it take?
Between six and ten weeks between submitting your application and receiving a final decision.

How will projects be monitored?
The programme uses strict assessment and monitoring criteria, including face-to-face interviews and follow-up procedures, to ensure that it reaches its target audience, including young people from deprived communities. Police checks, health and safety assessments and financial details are all required before grants are approved.

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